Solar Rooftop / Plants

PV Powertech solar rooftop / solar plant solutions are designed to convert solar power into usable DC electricity that is then converted in to readily usable 3-phase AC power. The system can also automatically synchronize with the grid or diesel generator voltage, frequency and phase. The system can also tie with the local electricity grids to provide credits for electricity generation and savings on the electricity bills.

Ideal for homes, offices or manufacturing units with excess space on rooftops or terraces which can be utilized for setting up the solar rooftop plants and also provide great long term savings.

The durable nature and efficient design of the system ensure easy installation and low maintenance even in the most harsh environments.

Our rooftop plants have been installed all over the globe, including Europe and India, generating over 10+ MW of power. This experience makes PV Powertech the ideal partner to implement rooftop solar power solutions.